If Your Kids Won't Eat Meat, Here are Several Tips for You

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If Your Kids Won't Eat Meat, Here are Several Tips for You Illustration. (Picture by: Hello Sehat)

TIMESTERNATE, JAKARTA – Moms are always concern about what their little precious one has eaten. Whether has they get enough protein from veggies or meat yet. Some kids will refuse to eat meat and some might refuse to eat some veggies.

But how about if they didn't want to eat meat? Taken from Hello Sehat, here are several tips for you.

1. Keep encourage them to have some meat on their plate

When dinner time comes, persuade your kids to taste a tiny bit of meat by giving them a small chop at first. If they like it you may give more and more to them, but if they don't, just dont push them too hard.

But keep trying to make them eat more of it in a nicest way such as describing food in fun ways and you could also try to cook it together with them.

2. Give a unique presentation and do a breading

There are so many things you can bread with such as pretzels, cornflakes, panko breadcrumbs, cornmeal, crackers, or Parmesan cheese. You could also try to turned into some nuggets or roulade with a beautiful presentation.

3. Make the texture softer

It's not that they dont like meat, kids sometimes tend to refuse some hard to chew food. You could grind your meet and put it on skewers and dip it with some delicious gravy. This will surely ease your kids to chew the meat.

4. Make it as your regular menu

According to Debby Demory-Luce, a nutritionist of Baby Center, a toddler needs daily protein of around 13 gram. Try to keep meat as your regular menu so your kids' need on protein will be fulfilled and they are get used to the taste. (*)

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