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Manten Kopi, a Wedding Between Two Coffee in Blitar The coffee wedding ceremony. (Picture by : Sholeh TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESTERNATE, BLITAR – A unique and authentic annual tradition just been held at Coffee Farm or Kebun Kopi Karanganyar, Modangan, Nglegok, Blitar on Saturday (22/6/2019). The tradition was namely known as Manten Kopi or Coffee Wedding.

The Manten Kopi ceremony is a tradition where the local community held a wedding ceremony for what so they called as the male and female coffee. This ceremony has been held for several years and became an annual ceremony that always been waited by lots of people.


"This coffee farm has been built since 1874. But I'm not certain on when this ritual and tradition of marrying both loving coffee begin," the Director of Kebun Kopi Karanganyar, Wima Brahmantya said.

The ceremony was held as their gratitude to the Lord for giving them a great harvest of coffee as well to expect another great harvest in the future.

This ceremony was not quiet popular as a tourism object since it was a little bit formal. But since 2014, the ceremony was opened for public and had attracted so many attention from the tourist since then.

The ceremony was begin with picking the best coffee at the best area of the farm which they thought as the male and female coffee. Then, both of the coffee brought up together and wrapped on a thin cotton sheet.

Finally both newly wed coffee bride and groom will be taken back to the main house to be kept by the Director of the Kebun Kopi or Coffee Farm Blitar until the new Manten Kopi or Coffee Wedding came. (*)

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